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Trauma Solutions: From Reticent to Responsive

Engaging All Students for Success

Have you encountered this student?

He has potential, but boredom and apathy are barriers, along with his inability to regulate intense feelings, pay attention in class as well as remember and maintain learning. 

I can help.

Let me provide you with effective strategies for reaching and teaching students like this as well as the rest of the class. It's not about you. It's about this child's brain.  And the brain can change!

"I found Dr. Tarasevich’s presentation on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) and the different forms of trauma that children experience to be extraordinarily insightful and enlightening.  Comprehensively researched, her investigation into the impact that adverse experiences have on children and her recommendations for how educators can recognize these factors and work to overcome them was both practical and achievable.  By continuing to learn about how adverse childhood experiences impact a child's brain, we can create more equitable strategies and treatment for these individuals".  
Michael Perrott M.Ed., NCC, NCSC, LPC
Middle School Counselor,
Counseling Department Chair
South Fayette School District
Bridgeville, PA