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MTSS Framework for Prevention

You've looked at the number of office discipline referrals for the past year. You can't believe that well over 30% of students had at least one in the last year. Some are frequent flyers. Counseling just doesn't seem to help. Staff is frustrated, and fatigued, some nearing burnout. You aren't sure what to do. You need solutions that work.

I can help.

Let's consider implementing a sustainable prevention framework, that when coupled with comprehensive mental health supports, will give you solutions to these and other issues.

I am a Pennsylvania Network for Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports Approved Independent Facilitator.

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"Under Dr. Tarasevich’s leadership, our high school has received recognition at the state level for fidelity across all three tiers of PBIS. She is a relentless advocate for children-with strong core values around honesty, compassion, and equity. Dr. Tarasevich will bring a refreshing perspective to your team as you engage in meaningful professional development. Without reservation, I highly recommend Dr. Tarasevich to your organization or school system".

Michael Routh, Principal
Elizabeth Forward High School
Elizabeth Forward School District
Elizabeth, PA