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Inside the Adolescent Brain: Contributing Factors to Substance Abuse

Inside the Adolescent Brain:  Contributing Factors to Substance Abuse

Have teens ever talked with you about their belief that marijuana is harmless and safer than alcohol?  Have you see them sucking a "flash drive" in the back of the class, and when confronted the student tells you its a VAPE, and they are only vaping cherry juice.  Unsure of what to say and do?

I can help. 

Let me provide you with the clear scientific evidence to address these and other drug issues non-judgmentally and with confidence.

"Dr. Tarasevich is a highly sought-after workshop presenter for our Annual Child and Adolescent Mental Health Conference. Attendees found her workshop, “Inside the Adolescent Brain,” to be extremely informative and engaging. More importantly, they left the workshop equipped with effective tips and tools to talk with young people with regard to substance misuse. These conversations can be difficult, but Dr. Tarasevich prepares the learner to better understand the developing adolescent brain and how drug use may complicate specific challenges that adolescents encounter. I would personally recommend Dr. Tarasevich to any organization that has an investment in today’s youth.”

Susan Caban, Director of Education, NAMI Keystone Pennsylvania