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Five Key Steps to Trauma-Sensitive Schools

If you work in a school, regardless of your role and responsibilities, you work with children who have been exposed to trauma /adverse childhood experiences.  These events rewire the brain and alter the way incoming information is processed and stored.   These changes create challenges for youth in their ability to feel safe, regulate feelings, learn to read, write and cipher, and relate meaningfully to others.  Realizing, recognizing, and responding to the effects these traumatic experiences have on students is being “trauma-informed.”  

Schools can and must do more. There are five crucial steps to take to begin the process of moving your school to greater trauma awareness.  

Let me help you create and/or strengthen a sustainable framework for school-based intervention and prevention work with children and adolescents directly and indirectly affected by trauma. 

A multi-tiered system of support provides all students with understanding, coping skills and when needed, trauma-specific therapeutic interventions for those students in need of intensive assistance. These Trauma-Specific Interventions are explicitly designed to address the consequences of trauma and to facilitate healing.