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Career Experience

Career Experience

UPMC – University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Western Psychiatric Hospital

Addiction Medicine Services


Clinical Training Team Leader

Responsible for the planning, assessment, implementation and evaluation of ATOD prevention, consultation, education and training programs to individuals, families, schools, community and business organizations. Specialization in design, implementation and maintenance of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Accredited Student Assistance Model to 98 public school districts, 121 non- public schools charter schools and colleges within Pennsylvania.

• Collaborate on local, county, state and national student assistance professional organizations to strengthen relationships, augment quality services and impact future initiatives for student assistance.

• Educate and consult with elementary, middle, secondary school faculty, staff, parents, administrators and students on significant mental health, alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention and intervention initiatives.

• Provide comprehensive instruction and consultation to the public and the professional/business community on all facets of the student assistance programs.

• Facilitate team maintenance services and conflict resolution consultation to area core teams to foster effective, positive communication skills, productive group dynamics and effective outcomes for students and parents.

• Participate on research team funded by Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency to evaluate student assistance programs in Pennsylvania.

• Design, implement and provide Safety and Crisis Management Training to schools throughout the state.

St. Francis Medical Center

Pittsburgh, PA

Center for Psychiatric & Chemical Dependency Services

Prevention Services

Student Assistance Training Services Coordinator

Team leader responsible for growth and expansion of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania SAP Training on the local, regional, state and national levels. Specialized in the design, implementation and maintenance of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Accredited Student Assistance Model to 98 public school districts, 121 non-public schools, charter schools and colleges within Pennsylvania

Sacred Heart High School

Pittsburgh, PA

Assistant Principal for Student Affairs

Supervision and expansion of student services: counseling, health, co-curricular programming, athletics, and student assistance program. Consultation with the Diocese of Pittsburgh SAP Steering Committee to formulate and implement alcohol, other drug and suicide prevention, intervention and post-vention policies throughout 12 secondary and 110 middle and elementary schools within the system. Collaborate in the design of an effective student assistance program from grades 9-12 for school buildings.

Sacred Heart High School

Pittsburgh, PA

School Counselor & Science Instructor

Design practical curriculum and enthusiastically instruct advanced, standard and basic course work in biology, chemistry, advanced human physiology, advanced biology, and physical science. Monitor, plan, and moderate co-curricular activities, dances, athletic and social events and all associated budgets.

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