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Onsite Training and Consulting for Schools Faced with Trauma, Poverty & Behavioral Health Challenges is available.

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Welcome to Susan Tarasevich Learning

Welcome to my website, and thank you for your interest in Susan Tarasevich Learning.


I have been a classroom teacher, school counselor, and administrator, with a lifelong commitment to inspiring students to love learning and be successful. Today, I produce and facilitate professional learning for educators Pre-K through doctoral programs.

Please contact me with workshop inquiries or to schedule a training.  


With Appreciation, 

Dr. Susan L. Tarasevich, Ed. D. 


Susan Tarasevich Learning gives you:

  • Evidence-based practices that boost student achievement;

  • Ongoing training, coaching, and consultation for schools to create and sustain trauma-sensitive teaching and learning.

    • Action planning for administrators on implementing effective trauma-sensitive school-wide systems.

    • Engaging teachers and support staff in dynamic professional learning that empowers trauma-responsive classrooms.

Susan Tarasevich Learning specializes in blending leading-edge brain science with hands-on, easy to implement school-wide practices and classroom strategies. You will learn to surmount common school issues such as poverty, trauma, dysregulated behaviors, authoritarian school culture, and student apathy.


Check out our variety of workshops on Trauma Basics; Building and ImplementingTrauma-Sensitive Schools; Empowering Classrooms and a framework for moving from trauma awareness to trauma-responsive and finally, trauma-sensitive schools. 


You’ll also find Susan Tarasevich’s PowerPoint Presentation Templates to assist you in developing and delivering a clear, succinct and powerful professional development workshop to your teaching staff.  Let us help you refine your presentation skills!


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